"We are very glad to have taken the help of RSA for our hospital project . While we knew what we wanted in our hospital, it was RSA that helped us to get clarity on how to get what we wanted. They took the time to listen to us, understand our needs, and then guided us with their cumulative years of experience to ensure that we got the best fit in terms of utility, aesthetics, economy and vision for the future. It was a pleasure working with them and the relationship continues to this day, almost 4 years after completion of our project.Thank you RSA!"

Dr. Ganesh And Vidya Ganesh, Jaya Eye Care

"Working with RSA was a fulfilling experience. The work they did for me was out of Chennai. We went to them after hearing about their professional approach, contemporary design, cost effective transparent working culture. Although my project was not a local one, their regular supervision, guidance and monitoring the work kept me totally relaxed and tension free. We have done two projects with them. When we were doing our residence with RSA lot of people liked the plan and took ideas from our plan. It is 10years now, since we moved in and still people who are planning a new house see our house first for ideas. Thanks RSA"

Mrs. Priya Mohan, Gobichettipalayam.

"We had bought a Penthouse (designed) by RSA over 20 years back on Bheemana Garden Road. When you buy a house there will always be at least a 10% that you don't like about it And in all these years there was nothing we wanted to change about it . We love the house 100%."

"It was a pleasure dealing with Shobana on all the commercial aspects and the meticulous way she dealt with all matters . And the ever cheerful Rajappa. As for the planning of the entire house , every room was built with such thought and planning , that for all the years we lived there , there was and is a constant appreciation of everything done. There are so many WOW elements that when I write I would only be describing a few . The beautiful Terrace Garden of 900 square feet on the 3rd floor is so beautifully planned and gives the house such an aura. The entire flat is built in such a way that it comes across as a bungalow built with a garden in front. It just did not ever come across as an apartment. Every window and door with the etching on the glass was something that you can never see today . The glass front door leading from the garden verandah to the living room is most beautifully designed. The woodwork of all doors were so elegant and the cupboards were so modern that after 20 years they don't need to be changed. That little wooden staircase leading up to the attic room is so charming. The bathrooms in granite and tiles remain good till date . And were so well designed. The kitchen was also so beautifully done at a time when modular kitchens were not in vogue. It delivers all the features without being modular. The work areas, the verandahs, the study , the marble, all so beautiful. And lastly there were so many provisions for light and plug-points that you can just sit wherever you want, you will not be in darkness and you will find a plug-point to attach a laptop . All this to show the great planning of RSA."

Mrs. Sushma and Joseph Ravikumar, Chennai.

"Brilliant designing and every time I wanted to make changes in the design, I found you and your team to comply patiently and come up with solutions. You made my home look much more spacious and designed it to suit my lifestyle"

Mrs.Yuktha Siddarth, Chennai.

"Simple down to earth approach. Flexibility and friendly approach to accepting suggestions and inputs. Very accessible. Elevation. Elegance in choice of Color"

Mr J.K.Rajagopal, R.A.Puram.

"When we decided to build an apartment we had several ideas that we we're specific about. Some of them were even old fashioned. All our ideas were always put into action and they always responded with " yes, we can do". We rarely got a negative response from them. They were throughout very patient and interested in putting our ideas into the building. Plus, the design of the house has turned out to be even better than we ever imagined. The best thing about working with you is your patience in dealing with us and your attitude to always incorporate our desires apart from the beautiful house that we are living in. The glass covering for the car parking makes the balcony look more spacious and provides more light. It's a favorite spot in the house. The overall outer look of the apartment is also an obvious treat to the eyes"

Adv. Kausalya Balachandar, R.A. Puram.

"Planning and Execution of the project are without any hindrance. Love to work with them again"

Dr Ramanaraj.